ALL goes to Limassol

Some important decisions and a collective “yes!” to the project methodology that makes the students love and study the sea.

10 May 2019, Limassol, Cyprus. The meeting kicked off the last phase of the ALL – Aquatic Life Lab project, which now knock off the moorings from the individual countries: from this moment on, both the scientific partner work, that of tutors and teachers, but above all that of the students takes on a transnational dimension. The meeting was key to collectively decide the strategy to follow for the next phases of the project, but also to take stock of the situation on what has been done so far, both by the coordination staff and by the students.

The Cypriot crew has given everyone a warm welcome and even a blossoming spring has made this island the perfect setting for an intense and interesting meeting.

Dr. Francesca Morigi (FEEM) took care of opening the meeting, outlining the picture of the educational activities carried out so far and the goals that could be achieved. The classes have certainly benefited, in the words of Dr. Morigi, of an informal approach to otherwise highly specialized issues: the BlueHunt treasure hunt was a winning methodology to attract students to scientific discovery areas, and to let them embrace their individual research mandates with energy and passion. The online platform has collected the intellectual outputs of the students who, as budding researchers, have completed the essays on the website with their own personal contributions. The presentation of Dr. Morigi came to an end collecting a broad and shared enthusiasm from teachers and partners.

Dr. Tiziano Fazzi, CivicaMente CEO and spokesman for the project’s technological development partner-company, took the word immediately afterwards, dedicating his speech prior the mid-day break to a general survey of the next stages of work, with particular reference to some relevant technical and organizational concerns, as well as the most pertinent details of the web platform and its upcoming developments in terms of programming.

In the afternoon, the strategic organization activities took place, in which all the teachers and tutors participated, and finally it was time for the project reporting activities to be discussed. Together with Dr. Fazzi, committed to coordinating the decision table aimed at deciding the structure of the international groups of students (who will be involved in the production of the final e-books), was the moment of the intervention of Dr. Floriana Nappini (FEEM), with whom some aspects of administrative reporting were analyzed, but above all the external communication actions of the project for the coming months.

The new school year for ALL will open in September 2019 with a precise objective: to have 20 international groups of well-matched students, to let them research on 40 topics selected in agreement with the scientific partners, to coordinate better the transnational work through Skype calls and webinars, to celebrate the end of the project by electing the winning e-books among the 40 eventually produced by the students and assign the prize mobility.

Thanks to all the participants: T. Fazzi, G. Di Cataldo, F. Morigi, M.R. Amatruda, N. Merloni, F. Preziosa, A. Testa, MR Scebba, J. Basta, M. Kozina, Z. PongracŠtimac, C. Aristodemou, A. Parpa, F. Nappini, V. Angelini, V. Ragone, A .Tuccio, F. Mammoliti, M. Zekan, M. Georgiou, S. Vrhovec.

Gela Blue Hunt

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